Saturday, February 21, 2009

The World Post

By Bub

Photo Caption Series

Midnight at China’s 17th largest forced World of Warcraft labor camp.

“Maybe I made an error of judgment by breaching several tax laws, but can’t we just chalk it up to a case of ‘youthful indiscretion’? As you can clearly see by my bespoke spectacles, I am merely a hip young ne’er-do-well that relishes the music composed and performed by the recording artist Moby.”

The Pope causes a spectacle while being escorted out of the Vatican Borders after being caught trying to steal a copy of the newly released “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” DVD.

“I beat up my entire family a few months ago, are you seriously giving me shit for swearing at a guy?”

“If I bring a black date to the Pink Panther premier that will negate the all the racism from Bringing Down the House.”*

Japan airlifted the world’s largest supply of manga comic books to Afghanistan in hopes of defeating the Taliban by turning them into teenage girls.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates spends another lonely drunk night at home with his Scrabble board.

The aftermath of an easily embarrassed 45-year-old being Super-Poked on Facebook.
(Alternative self-referential version: A photo from 300 years in the future when everyone is so rich that they commonly replace computers after each page view.)[Alternative alternative Glenn reference: Gary's failed attempt at using Facebook.]

Pornography for the ironic-hipster/The Nation magazine subscriber.

Man on the right (speaking for other men on the right): “Do you really have to piss right here at the podium? You know how homophobic I am.”

Cast of world’s worst play starring (from left to right): Fat Billy Connolly, Gary Coleman Sr., Molly Ivins’ sister, Miniature Ricki Lake, Asian Woody Harrelson, Tilda Swinton, and Shovel-Faced David Arquette (as in his face has been hit with a shovel).

From Der Spiegel: Son of Fundamentalist Christians after searching through parents' closet on Christmas Eve and accidentally discovering that dinosaurs aren’t real.

*This photo was actually from the first Pink Panther premier, but that shouldn't excuse Steve Martin's bigoted portrayal of black culture in Bringing Down the House.

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