Friday, February 20, 2009

Words of Wisdom: Dating

By Hot Rod
This is my dating tip from the Book of Love. Girl sees guy, guy sees girl, guy doesn’t speak to girl, then girl thinks that he doesn‘t like her. You’ve got to speak up to let her know you love her. Tell her ‘I love you.’ And, ‘Let’s see if we can work it out, I’ve seen you just one day’.

Girls - if you see a guy don’t just assume that he likes you or that he’ll be a nice future husband. Because you don’t know if this one is true love. Sit down and listen to music and talk to each other, then you’ll know if its true love.

Take your date to a movie because it’s fun. The principal of it is that it’s fun, you hang out with your one true love, whatever, and you just go up to the girl and kiss her and say I love you . Go home, go to bed and dream about her and say man that was fun to go to see a movie.

If you first meet her take her to Panera. It’s a nice place, fun atmosphere, good music… have some dinner, but remember it’s not Olive Garden dude!

Shakespeare once said, ‘To love or not to love? That is the question.’ I’m not going to tell the answer to that question because I want you to figure it out for yourself.

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