Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week In Hate

By Bub

I was perusing the search referrals to One Year in Texas for another hilarious edition of Top Search Referrals to One Year in Texas when I came across the clear heir to the number one spot, “Show me the antichrist”. Yes, someone had typed those words into Google and wound up at One Year in Texas. This made me curious as to how high on the list a page from OYIT made it in the internet cannon of antichrist dedicated websites (I figured pretty high). So, I typed it in to Google myself to find out. I didn’t see it. I clicked a few more pages – still didn’t see it. I clicked a few more – nothing. I saw dozens of pages talking about how Barack Obama was the antichrist, and almost as many websites that were suspiciously emphatic in their denials of Barack Obama being the antichrist. I went through forty pages of search results before stumbling upon a website that I knew would either let me in on a secret understanding of the world I had heretofore not been privy to, or would be the most racist tract I had ever read. It turned out to be both. The site is Real Jew News and it is the feature in this week’s Week in Racism. What may be sadder than people reading Real Jew News, may be the fact that someone searched even further than that on Google to find whatever OYIT page mentioned the antichrist. You have to imagine that he/she/it visited the 400+ pages prior in search of whatever antichrist information it was searching for and was still left unsatisfied.

The page I was referred to at Real Jew News was entitled “The Antichrist Will Be A Jew!” This page declared that the antichrist will be a Jew and that former US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and US Attorney General Robert Mukasey were the frontrunners with this astounding picture:

I don’t know if you noticed but there is some type of vampire baby in the top right hand corner, and the reader is left to guess whether that will be Chertoff or Mukasey after ascending to the throne of antichrist. The site is shepherded by Brother Nathan who claims to have been ‘raised Jew’ but converted to Christianity in order to warn others of how anti-Christian Jews are trying to destroy Christianity in America. He goes on to explain the Jewish spirit of the antichrist and how it must be defeated by calling on Jew Government Officials and all of their Jew Buddies to resign because “Only Then Can We Begin To See The Subjugation Of The Jewish Spirit Of Antichrist Under Our Christian Feet!” Brother Nathan clearly meant this as metaphor so as not to commit a felony hate crime by inciting violence.

I noticed that the left side of the web page was filled with incredible sounding categories. There were categories such as “Jewification of America”, “3 Goals of the New World Order Jews”, “ACLU Jews Promote Perversion in Schools”, “Sex Peddling Jews”, “Seinfeld and Jewish Propaganda”, “Why The Jews Hate Jesus Christ”, “Will Jew-Owned Fed Reserve Bank Kill Ron Paul?”, “Harvard Jews Loot Russia” and “A Jew 'Rothstein' Controls Homosexual TV In America”.

The first one I clicked on was somewhat disappointing. “Jew News of the Day!” suggested that I visit this page regularly for “titillating commentary on what the Jews are up to with their Jewish agenda,” beginning a date nearly two years past.

Then I looked at pages entitled “Becoming Jew-Wise”, “How Jews Talk” and “How Jews Think” Parts I, II and III, that all offered special insight into the Jewish mind and Jewish motivation. One thing I found peculiar was Brother Nathan’s claim that Jews thought blacks were ‘on the level of the muted animal’ but yet managed to snare Barack Obama as their puppet. I guess the answer is that muted animals aren’t all that smart, so in that way it makes sense.

Brother Nathan’s fixation on Obama is nearly as sincere as his fixation on Jews of the New World Order.

In the post “Obama – Photos of Blasphemy, Sex and Deception”, he presents a picture of Obama that he purports holds a subliminal message: “Obama As A ‘Stud’ Straddling A … Flower Bed With Two White Women, (One With Her Legs Apart), Attracted By The Sexual Lure Of The Obama Stud.”

He comes to this understanding because “Having grown up in Judaism, and being entirely familiar with the manipulative Jewish advertising techniques employed by Madison Avenue, I have a keen eye for underlying messages embedded in photos and photo-op presentations.”

Through this power he is able to draw parallels between Obama and Hitler for both ‘posing for photos’. But Brother Nathan gets a little ahead of himself because he forgot that he likes Hitler and spends the rest of the article defending Hitler’s philosophies and actions.

So, Obama is a puppet to the Jews that secretly control the world. These include the usual suspects in the ‘Jewish’ media – the Rothschilds of London, The ‘Jews’ at the Big three American networks etc. It also includes Rupert Murdoch, because no conspiracy list would be complete without him, but, who would be surprised to learn that he was ‘a Jew’. It also includes officials in government, finance and academia. These folks all make up the New World Order Jews.

Now, apparently there are 3 Goals of the New World Order Jews. Those goals are “A). The invasion of illegals into the US. B). The invasion of Muslims throughout Christian Europe.” And, “C). The invasion of alien cultures throughout the Christian West.”

This is worth dissecting because the only way we will be able prevent New World Order Jews from achieving their goals is by fully understanding them. I can only assume that the illegals that the NWO Jews want to invade America are illegal Jews. Mexicans tend to be Catholic and wouldn’t do much to undermine the Christian Nation that Brother Nathan wishes to achieve and/or preserve. The invasion of Muslims into Christian Europe is a little more convoluted. I am going to guess that because Muslims also don’t believe in Christ as Saviour they technically qualify as Jews. If the Christian West is made of Europe and America and the NWO Jews’ first two goals are that they are invaded by figuratively alien cultures, then we are forced to interpret the third goal of NWO Jews as being that actual outer-space aliens take over America and Europe, at least culturally, after Jews and Muslim-Jews take over these areas first. This seems to set the stage for a third wave of invasion by followers of some new off-shoot of Judaism that recognizes Barack Obama as the prophesized Saviour and who have advanced technologically to the point that they are capable of defeating our alien overlords.

As you can see this would be devastating for our Christian nation. Brother Nathan explains that “The soul of the American nation is built upon the common culture and customs of America. The customs of America which have formed American culture are Christian holy days such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.”

Our culture must be preserved by protecting Christian Holy Days such as Christmas and Thanksgiving in order to bring honor and glory to our Lord and Saviour. Too many elitist Jews today think that the “Jew-promoted ideas of “democracy” & “equality for all men”” are honorable and worthy pursuits of man. What Jews don’t understand is that, “Jesus Christ was so beautiful. He taught us wonderful things like “love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.” But the Jews don’t like this teaching. Jews see all men as their enemies and wish to bomb them into annihilation.” That is why we need to ensure America stays a Christian nation and according to Christian principles “A Christian Nation would make the Jews second-class citizens.” Brother Nathan is here to tell you that the only two ‘rights’ that matter are “freedom of speech in criticizing Jews & freedom of public expression of Christianity”.

Deep down, Brother Nathan only has our best interests at heart. It says so at the bottom of every webpage – “Real Jew News is proudly powered by love and concern for your soul.”

I believe that. Brother Nathan was raised in some kind of dank torture barn ran by his Jewish parents Barack Obama and Rupert Murdoch and they revealed a cruel world stacked against the likes of Brothers Nathan (and Brothers Johnson for that matter). He is doing the only responsible thing in his power, which is to alert the world to this shadow world government that only has Jew interests at heart.

Now, I know that you will say ‘Isn’t he still a Jew ethnically?’ And yes he is. But he chooses not to acknowledge that so as not to benefit from their Jewly gains in order to blow the whistle on their evil deeds to fellow gentiles. Without Brother Nathan we would be left at the mercy of Fake Jew News from the Rothschild’s Economist and Murdoch’s Fox News and every other major news publication in the world. Thankfully, with him, we have Real Jew News.

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