Friday, February 20, 2009

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By Bub

Hey Harry: Stop Calling Barack Obama a Nigger

Phantym Edgar Wynter NYPD

Harry Reid is such an asshole. He says (Generic Procedural Rule) will scare the backbone right out of the Democrats’ Yellow-Blue-Dog-Belly Asshole and prevent them from stopping (Thing Procedural Rule Explicitly Prevents from Being Stopped). Thing is, (Purported Better Knowledge Of Congressional Procedure Than the Senate Majority Leader, Illustrated By Explaining the Procedural Rule in a Fashion that Demonstrates a Depth of Understanding of Law-Making Procedure Earned Through Never Having Served in Public Office) so he’s just plain wrong.

Furthermore, the swelling pressure group that is the Netroots-Nation which happens to be responsible for restoring Democracy to AmeriKKKa, will not stand for this traitorous treasonful treachery. He should be subject to Federal investigation and when his crime of murder, of a CIA agent, in cold blood, in front of Bob Novak, leads to a formal indictment we shall commemorate his forthcoming extraordinary rendition by celebrating a holiday that begins with the first half of the last name of the Special Prosecutor of the indictment and ends in ‘-mas’. Maybe in the time between now and when ‘Fairy’ Harry is Drawn and Quartered he could possibly do something to halt the rape of national parks by Big Family Vacation, or stop the spread Autism through the Modern-Day-Small-Pox-Blanket that is Western Medicine.

But since Harry ‘And-the-Hendersons’ Ass-Reid probably wont be able to slither his jellyfish blob of a bowlful of crushed lychees of an excuse for a spine in the aforementioned effort of contravention, then the least he could do is stop vile racist filth from ever reaching the Senate floor. Think he’s at least up for this task? Think again:

"Sen. McConnell (R-KY): President-Elect Obama will be able to bring new resolve to face the challenges of the day.*" -emphasis mine.

So in conclusion, if you thought that just because the Democrats controlled Congress that Harry ‘Half-Nelson-Starring-Ryan-Gosling’ Reid would be at least a small step above Bill ‘Cat-Nuclear-Holocaust-Option’ Frist as a Senate Majority leader, then you don’t know nearly as much as I do about the subject, and you also know a great deal more than your elected officials.

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