Friday, February 20, 2009

Movies I Haven't Seen Yet: Review Roundup [1-17-09]

By Bub

Opening this week
According to Rotten Tomatoes Australia

Bride Wars – This topical biopic chronicles the parallel lives of the two brides that set off the current Israeli incursion into Gaza.

Doubt – Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays that guy that talks in a high funny voice and hangs out with mass murderers, but THIS time he’s not buying their story.

The Wrestler – This movie is about a Hotel for Dogs. Arf, Arf! Two paws up!!

Bustin’ Down the Door - This is a fast paced thriller about county sheriffs competing to evict the most tenants who have defaulted on their mortgages. The winner gets to keep his own house. And Ryan Gosling in that sheriff’s outfit? Sublime.

Chandni Chowk to China – This is a children’s musical in the vein of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; this time there’s lot of gibberish but not enough Dick Van Dyke.

Now Playing

Australia – Nicole Kidman visits Australia on a college road trip with Cedric the Entertainer, mild hilarity ensues.

Babylon A.D. – Based on the popular television series, Vin Diesel babysits five children on a Navy SEALS mission with Cedric The Enterntainer, mild hilarity ensues.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua – This is a film about the culture clash that occurs when a backwoods family of Chihuahua, Tennessee strikes it rich after discovering oil in their yard and move to Beverly Hills. Its sensitive portrayal of race has everyone buzzing that this is the next Crash.

Burn After Reading – This film is about a pyromaniac that is being forced at gun point to read a book. Can he make it through the whole thing before setting it alight? Burn after Reading? More like Praise after Seeing.

Waltz with Bashir – An animated film revisiting Israeli soldiers' memories of the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Innovative and introspective. War is hell, and so is carrying on afterward.

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