Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot Rod's School of Rock

By Hot Rod

There needs to be a school where kids can go. Not the one that they already go to, but somewhere that teaches life lessons. I’m talking about rock and roll, like a school of rock. They would teach you all kinds of music, and being awesome, and about Jesus too cause he’s our lord and savior.

And at the school of rock everyone would be nice to you and my voices would go away. There would be classes about politics too, like who is the president and stuff. Only, they would teach you with rock and roll.

Some of it would be Satanic, but that’s just how rock and roll works. We would still love Jesus but we could listen to Satanic music.

I wrote a song about it, ‘Jesus rocks, Satan rocks, move toward the light, fight for your right, to party!’

There wouldn’t be any math or anything you didn’t want to study here. That’s how you make learning fun. You bring in Satan, and rock and roll, and you bring in Jesus and you have a rockin’ good time.

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