Friday, February 20, 2009

Excerpt from George Bush's Final Press Conference

By Bub

As read by Myself and my three year old daughter, Iris, with Iris reading the part of President George W. Bush. The following is a transcript of our actual conversation:

Q: Thank you for those comments, Mr. President. Here's a question. I'm wondering if you plan to ask Congress for the remaining $350 billion in bail money. And in terms of the timing, if you do that before you leave office, sir, are you motivated in part to make life a little easier for President-Elect Obama?

President: Yep, and what are you gonna do with that when it’s not a pony with the "D".

Q: So you haven't made the request yet?

President: Yes, so what did the "S" come from?

Q: Thank you, Mr. President. Do you believe that the Gaza conflict will have ended by the time you leave office? Do you approve of the way that Israel has conducted it? And why were you unable to achieve the peace deal that you had sought?

President: Hello, please stop I need to get some lovely cans. These are "Z".

Q: Will it end by the time you leave office?

President: Oh, so this one is an office and you can put juice in it. So with the question, is with the power, and we’re going to get the powers with this one and the book and that’s amazing.

Q: Do you approve of the Israeli conduct in this?

President: Dr. this one? That’s a chance. Can I use the computer please?

Q: In your 2002 State of the Union address, you identified U.S. threats as an axis of evil -- Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Iraq is relatively calm; North Korea is no longer on the terrorist threat list. How would you define, if, in fact, there is an axis of evil? And what is the greatest and most urgent threat when it comes to security that Barack Obama has to deal with?

President: Barack Obama?! But how we gonna deal with this? Hello, good to see you. This one has a blue one, on a very big farm. Yea the farm is new, it’s not an aparment, the farm is new. Give me the question, for the farm and Barack Obama, and I’ll be right back (goes to the kitchen to retrieve a bag of potato chips).

So, what’re you gonna do?

(At this point I have to remind the President that the question is directed toward him and not me).

So, there are great big farms and little ones. Now that one was amazing, so that one has a little one. I would like to get some lovely treats. And that one is not pointed, it is a barn for the little one. And the lemon is a lid again and the lemon is a lid. And that one is a chance, and that one has a power. See daddy, did you know that? Now that was amazing.

And it was.

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